About Us


Since the inception of digital printing, computer have often superseded the work of the artists. Printed rapidly, in a few seconds, with ink jets, prints are produced by machines with little human intervention. Although they can mimic the artist’s brush strokes, the unique poetry pertaining to artworks is often lost. With such modern print production techniques, traditional printing techniques have seen a regain of interest by collectors and artists alike. Amongst those, lithographs have gained prominence. their unique texture, their profound authenticity, the wealth of the pigmentation alike contribute to the creation of a beautiful artwork. Blackstamp was created to honour this time-endured tradition, so that artists of today can create magnificent work in the best conditions. Its founders are two art collectors passionate about modern and contemporary Art. Eager to share the vision of contemporary master artists, we created Blackstamp to bring their works to art aficionados.

Lithograph studios

Blackstamp collaborates with several lithograph studios in Paris depending on the type of lithograph produced and the wishes of the artist. Each of these studio use the same Marinoni-Voirin presses that have been used by renowned artists of the last century. Every press has its own individual history : some have worked with Picasso and Giacometti, others with Juan Miro and Matisse, whereas others have worked with Francis Bacon and Zhang Xiaogang. Drawing on their years of expertise, the printers assist the artist, and help the painter bring his work to perfection. Today these same presses are used by renowned contemporary artists, amongst which Yue Minjun, David Lynch and Francis Bacon. Each artist has contributed to the creative spirit of this old studios which continues to flourish today. We pride ourselves in using presses of great history, tradition and prestige.


Blackstamp works with renowned artists who have exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries. We invite these artists in Paris, where the lithograph is produced. For each print, Blackstamp gives the artist a unique opportunity to create and experiment. All our lithographs are original works produced with traditional techniques. Each print is signed, numbered and sold with a certificate of authenticity. Produced in limited quantities, each print is made by the artist and meets the best standards of art production. Our works are sold with a care kit, comprising linen gloves to handle the artwork, and are shipped in secure and solid containers to ensure the artwork arrives in perfect condition to your desired shipping place.