Ma Desheng Lithograph available at the A2Z Gallery (Paris) and online

Ma Desheng Lithograph available at the A2Z Gallery (Paris) and online

Blackstamp is proud to announce our inaugural lithograph series. Created by Ma Desheng, these two lithograph editions have been printed on Marinoni-Voirin presses in Paris. Each lithograph is part of a limited edition of 100 prints, all being 80 cm by 60 cm. 

Blackstamp's lithographs will be displayed at the A2Z Gallery at the 24 rue de l'Echaudé in Paris for Ma Desheng's latest exhibition. The lithographs will be displayed throughout Ma Desheng's solo show, which will last from March 17 until April 21. The prints will also be available on Blackstamp's website.

Blackstamp will also be displaying lithographs at the Grand Palais in Paris during Art Paris Art Fair, from April 5th to April 8th. You can find us at the D3 booth along with A2Z gallery. 


Ma Desheng Untitled (1982)


The Chinese artist and poet Ma Desheng is above all a free and independent man, whose work reflects a furious desire to live. Born in Beijing in 1952, he is one of the founding members - with Wang Keping and Ai WeiWei among others - of the Xingxing Group ("The Stars"). Being amongst the first post-Maoist artistic movement in China, "The Stars" immediately came to the forefront of Chinese avant-garde art. He later moved to Paris to further his artistic experiments. In 1992, a serious car accident immobilized him for two years on a hospital bed, resulting in the cancellation of an exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. 

This injury has only reinforced Ma's determination to devote himself fully to his art. Struck with polio as a child, Ma Desheng has attempted to express the nuances of these aspects of fragility, and the ever-precarious equilibrium of life. 

Most expressive of this incessant quest for stability, his collections of rocks reflect this flagrant instability, paradoxically soothing by their innate harmony. From his first stone sculptures laid in China to those painted on his artworks, Ma Desheng has continuously reinterpreted his "beings of stone".  Their lunar appearance is rendered by energetic movements of the brushes and fingers, visible both in the strong stroke of his gesture and in the density of the pictorial material.  

Blackstamp is dedicated to crafting beautiful art prints which fully express the artist's intuition and skill. Each work is made on high quality paper, with custom ink for each print. We pride ourselves in working with the oldest lithograph studios in paris and working with presses used by Picasso, Francis Bacon or Yue Minjun. 

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